Nowadays many designers carry their own brand of selvage denims. These are some of the favourites.


A European brand and one of the most popular by far. Known for their exquisite true to size fitting. Specialising in the true denim culture, sweats to denim. Gear is one brand that has the best choices from cuts to washes to finishes and an extreme eye for detail. Flexibility, personalisation and individualistic design. Denim that is exclusive before you wear it. Buy Gear, because thats REAL DENIM!

R by 45rpm

This is a Japanese brand and are known for their African cotton which is woven on a slow loom.


A Swedish denim brand, very well known for their superior quality, dry selvage denims. They are made from organic and recycled cotton. They also have an online store and stocks include various cuts and styles. They are also spread across many department stores and specialty denim shops. Word is once you go Nudie you won’t wear anything else.


Evisu is arguably, one of the most famous Japanese selvage denim brands. It probably, singlehandedly, brought selvage denim back to life and to the people.

Jean Shop

An American company making denims from quality Japanese fabrics.


They specialise in making custom and specialty selvage denims specifically made to order. Customers can have their pattern cut to their specifications and stored for multiple purchases.

A.P.C. Accessory

Known for its database of great selvage for every season.

Naked and Famous

Denims that are made in Canada from rare Japanese selvage. They are very well known all over for their superior fit and detail.


American made and well known for their great fit.


Now this is one of the grand daddies. Lee has withstood the test of time, this brand has been making denims since before they were even considered cool. The Lee shop in Paris specialises in denims one of them being the exquisite vintage archival Lee 101 selvage.


Uniqlo is known for its prices therefore popular among selvage beginners. A Japanese retailer, now also in America, is a safe bet for a starter pair.

The above mentioned are only a handful of the brands that are the favourites. However, there are a plethora of choices all waiting to be explored. A selvage denim is not a purchase its an investment that keeps giving you dividends until it literally falls apart.

Get one, live with one, only then can it be understood what a true selvage denim is. About time you said hi to your best friend - MY NAME IS SELVAGE