There seems to be many different perspectives on this topic. For example, one strain of though is that you should never wash your jeans. But they are all rumours. Bottom-line, its a personal preference, if your denims are dirty wash them if not don’t, as simple as that. One thing you should keep in mind is that the more you wash your denims, faster they will fade and therefore wear more easily. So, if you do wish to have a faded look then by all means wash them more frequently.


Things to remember when you wash your denims:

1. If time permits, it is always advisable to wash your denims by hand, inside out and in cold water.
2. Try to use very little detergent, there are also detergents specifically made for indigo dyed denims.
3. Denims should always be hung to dry. Do not wring your denim as this might distort its shape.
4. If your denims are machine washed remember to always wash in cold water and should be washed SEPARATELY BY

THEMSELVES, as they have the indigo dye. Again, turn your denims inside out to protect creases and sections created out of personal usage. Finally, use little detergent and hang them to dry and not in the dryer.