Lonely Trendsetter: Selvage Denim

Get to know your jeans, Hello selvage denim!

Nowadays, anybody who is somebody and is even a little bit conscious about fashion, has Selvage denim, or "selvedge," hugging their hips. When asked, "What are you wearing?" Everyone seems to unanimously answer Selvage Denim! This term has now become too common and every Tom, Dick or Harry seems to have this name on their lips at the drop of a hat. Of course, they mean that what they own is an expensive or exclusive denim but do they really know the value, the origin? What make selvage denim so unique? How do you look after it? And of course, who makes the best selvage denims? If you really want to get to know your pair of Selvage read on for the answers. You need to know these answers to even begin to appreciate your Selvage and thus to get to know them better and finally, to know where can you actually get an original pair to peacefully scream out, "I am wearing Selvage denim!"

Denims originated in the United States of America, thus the name,  "Americana." Times have changed now, denims are now made everywhere and the most popular ones are now, actually made in Japan. The Japanese work ethic and their critical attention to detail are one of the main reasons why they have managed to take denim to a whole other level. It is now a well known fact that all over the world, Japanese denims are famous for their vintage Levi’s looms and their unique finishing, making each of their pair an exclusive one. But as in every market, Japan is not the only producer that produces Selvage denims, America too has numerous producers churning out speciality designs but its a growing market and as it grows so do the number of designers opting to get involved in this ever growing field.