Selvage 101

The Speciality - Raw Denim

All the information is good but what exactly is the importance and significance of raw denim? Why is it better that pre-washed and distressed denim?

1.    Value - Value means the number of times you wear for the amount paid. Pre-washed denim may be cheaper but shelf-life is what that is questionable. On the other hand, raw denim jeans easily withstands over 1000 wears. Raw denim jeans literally lasts a lifetime or comes pretty close to that.

2.    Individualistic - Raw denim jeans is a canvass for the artist. The artist or wearer uses his or her body to shape the denim, the use as brush strokes to make fades, tears and other marks, resulting in a pair that has no other copy in this world or another. this illustration of Takayuki Akachi’s documentary on the "Traveling Denim" clearly shows what personalisation means.

3.    Environmental & Ethical - Keeping exceptions in mind, raw denim is environmentally less damaging than non-raw denim jeans and therefore have a bigger and widscale impact than you might think.