Selvage 101

Simply put Raw Denim is “dry denim.” It is the basic fabric that is unwashed, untreated and is in its purest form, most commonly used for jeans, there are other creative uses for this product. Although, raw denim is used for jeans the bottom-line is that the exact percentage is still not known as to which is sold more often, washed or raw.

(Important note: Approximately put, more than 450 million pairs of jeans are sold in the U.S. of which at least 90% are washed.)

Now, raw denim jeans are made by various manufacturers, however, it is the same fabric and as a result they share some common features such as, rigidity, the crisp look and feel, industrial design and construction (sturdy vs frail). It may not be the final comprehensive list but given below are some features that all avid jeans wearers should know